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Uncontacted Tribe
Image of an indigenous Amazonian in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil.  The Korubo are one of the last tribes to be discovered in the Amazon as few uncontacted tribes still exist.  However, even today the majority of the Korubo remain uncontacted.  The uncontacted Korubos know about the outside world, but have chosen to live apart from it.  This may be very wise behavior on their part as typically the majority of a newly discovered tribe dies within a few years after contact due to disease or violence.  The Korubos are not the only tribe living in isolation in the border region of Brazil with Peru.  In fact, the majority of the uncontacted tribes in South America are thought to live in this area.  Sadly, most of tribes that once lived in this region probably became extinct before they were even discovered by the outside world.  Typically what happened, is that one tribe would obtain shotguns from outsiders and use these weapons to attack other tribes, kidnapping their women and resulting in the demise of the tribe. 


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