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Korubo Maloca
Picture of a small Korubo maloka.  Large traditional malocas typically have four entrances and can house up to one hundred people, while this small maloka only has two entrances and only one extended family occupies it.  Large malocas or longhouses are divided into various rooms with palm mat walls.  Each of the rooms has poles overhead from which the residents can hang their hammocks.  A man with multiple wives would sling his hammock in the middle of a compartment, with one wife on each side.  Their children's hammocks are hung outward in order of their age with the youngest being closest to their parents.  A large maloka typically has four entrances, where the women can sit and work using the sun as a light source during the day.   Note the unopened palm fronds in front of the maloca.  These palm fronts are used to weave mats. 


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