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Bow and Arrow
Picture of Korubos with both a bow and arrow set and a blowgun.  This image is particularly interesting in that the Korubos do not typically use bows and arrows, rather they normally use blowguns.  Moreover, it illustrates the adaptability of indigenous Amazonian cultures.  The presence of the bow and arrow is probably due to the recent influence of the Matis tribe on the Korubos.  Further proof of the current impact of the Matis on the Korubos is the presence of the Matis dart quiver.  Note also the presence of kapok "cotton" in the right hand of the individual on the right.  He is obviously preparing a curare-tipped poison dart for use in hunting.  Interestingly, some formerly blowgun hunting tribes such as the Mayoruna-Matses switched to the bow and arrow completely abandoning the use of blowguns, probably in order to defend themselves.   


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