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Korubo Blowgun
Image of two Korubos hunting for a tree sloth.  Monkeys, tree sloths, and birds are the primary prey of blowgun hunters in the Amazonian Rainforest.  Korubo blowguns are large, about three meters long, but still shorter than Matis blowguns which normally measure four meters in length.  Interestingly, the beautiful quiver for the poison darts is not Korubo rather it is Matis, being a gift from members of the Matis tribe.  Similarly, the bow and arrows are not Korubo, rather they are of typical Matis design and were a gift.  Blowguns (sometimes called blowpipes) are accurate at distances of up to 40 to 50 meters.  Moreover, they are silent, allowing the hunter a second chance to hit its prey if they miss the first shot.  Some tribes use darts made from palm-leaf midribs.  The Korubo use wood splinters about 40 cm long that are somewhat longer and thicker than the Matis use.  In order for the dart to fit in the tube snugly so that force of air will allow it to fly from the tube, two piece of Kapok cotton are used.  Normally, poison is used for prey larger than small birds. 


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