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Making Blowguns
Image of a Korubo man making a blowgun (blowpipe) using a copal resin touch.  The role of the copal torch is two-fold.  Not only does it provide light to work by, but it also provides heat to melt the brea (tar) that is used in the construction of the blowgun.  The basic construction of a Korubo blowgun is simple yet precision is necessary in its construction.  First a straight piece of wood is split into two pieces lengthwise and each of the two pieces is grooved to form an inner channel.  The two pieces are put back together with a wooden mouthpiece used to hold the two pieces together.  The shaft is covered with brea to seal it and the outside is covered with crushed shells embedded in the brea.  Korubo blowguns are finely manufactured works of art and illustrate much about how the Korubos utilize natural materials from the Amazon Rainforest in order to survive. 


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