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Huaorani Tribe Spears
Picture of Huaorani tribe men (sometimes spelled Waorani) with spears in front of a traditional Huaorani maloka located in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.  The men in this Amazon tribe still hunt for food traditionally with blowguns and darts tipped with curare poison.  As recently as 1994, they were actively engaged in warfare and are renown for using spears with barbs that make them difficult to remove.  The barbed spears of the Huaorani are made from the wood of the Peach-palm (Bactris gasipaes) and sharpened on both ends.  The Huaorani warrior mode of attack is to wait for a moonless night and then go in the middle of the night and attack their adversaries while they are sleeping.


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Photograph Copyright 2007-2008 Jacek Palkiewicz,  all rights reserved
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