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Amazon Tribe Maloka
Picture of the interior of a traditional Amazon tribe maloka or longhouse in the South American Amazon jungle.   The maloka is a communal house in which up to one hundred people traditionally live.  Malokas can be divided into various rooms with palm mat walls.  Each room of the Amazon tribe maloka has horizontal poles from which the residents can hang hammocks.  A man with one or two wives will commonly hang his hammock in the center of one of the rooms of the maloka, with a wife on either side.  The placement of their children's hammocks range outward from the parents in order of age.  If a man has an older third wife,  she might be in the next room of the maloka with her grown sons.  Generally, there are several benches located near the entrance of an Amazon tribe maloka where the women work using the daylight that enters the maloka through the entrance.


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Photograph Copyright 2007-2008 Jacek Palkiewicz,  all rights reserved
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